An ancient muse

Steeped in healing waters and soothing whispers of the sea, these activating cards are designed to help you forge a deep connection with the ebb and flow of your intuition.

Explore the timeless wisdom of the Ocean, and traverse the depths of your imagination.


Whether you are an earthly mermaid, a lemurian soul, or a curious seeker, this deck invites you into its vibrant portals and messages - to color your senses and nurture your readings. 


The full colour, 200-page guide serves as a helpful touchstone and anchor for all 64 cards.

Filled with lush illustrations throughout its pages, this nourishing book offers a collection of activating oracle spreads, powerful water rituals, and supportive card descriptions. 

Mother Ocean

When you connect with the Ocean, you may also tap into a vast reservoir of ancient knowledge and Divine Feminine magic. This is a purifying, transformative force that allows you to enhance your creativity, refine your intuition, and enrich your life.

Take me to the Oracle


The Oceans contain many great stories and encoded memories that are now rising to the surface of our collective consciousness. Today, many of us may remember being previously incarnated during the ages of Lemuria & Atlantis. We may feel the waters of our world still holding the ancient records of these chapters in time, whispering to us in dreams and familiar places. 

This deck has also been designed to help rekindle your own ancient memories - through familiar seascapes for your eyes and nurturing messages for your heart. To help you return to a place that also allows you to awaken more fully in the present.


Why are so many of us so deeply called to the sea? Is it because it mirrors our own origins, through those amniotic waters that once cushioned us into life? Or is it because it reflects the very makeup of our blood and bones - a salty potion of light-codes that were seeded into our earthly forms?

The ocean is one of our greatest teachers. It is absolutely brimming with magic, mysteries, and a delicate, symbiotic wisdom that is shared with all life. Through this deck, I celebrate the ties that bind us to this multiverse beneath our surface world, and how we are soulfully reflected in its eternal, living heart. 

Every speck of life throughout the sea has its own beautiful function and expression, which is truly remarkable. I also feel this sacred balance needs to be protected and preserved and that we all have a part to play in safeguarding its legacy.


Through working with this deck, my hope is that it may teach us to live more fully, deeply, and intentionally each day.

Reconnect with your vitality, bliss and sensual nature. Dive into this mystical world, open your heart and imagination, and explore the transmutational powers of the sea.