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Aphrodite Fine Art Print

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You are the one with stars in your eyes and sweet, tender mysteries in your heart.

Your body moves with the ebb and flow of the shifting tides. You speak with an unspoken language that only mystics and lovers know.

Your fingers caress and your hips sway and swoon with a sensuality and pulse that is reserved for very few.

Your dreams are forged in ancient roadmaps and visions of the future. You know what is possible because you have seen what has already been written in stardust.

You stand at the edge of the otherworld, and to know you is to know the great secrets.


All our prints are available on a range of matt and lustre finishes, each carefully profiled for fantastically accurate and consistent reproductions using giclée printing techniques.

  • Fine art print (200gsm)
  • A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matt finish.